RHV Airport Day Access

Saturday September 23, 2032 will be the annual airport open house at Reid-Hillview Airport.  From 08:00 to 18:00 tomorrow, this will affect access to the airport.  The  entrance at Cunningham will be closed with all traffic directed to the side road entrance near Tully.  Access to the airfield will be through the gate at 2105 Swift Avenue; where the SJSU classrooms are located.  To gain access to the airfield, you will need to show the parking pass attached here.  

If you are planning on flying Saturday, please keep in mind that if you have an H or I row hangar and wish to fly this day, you will need to reposition your aircraft by the afternoon of  Friday 9/22/23 as there will be no access to those hangars for the day.  Please also keep in mind that the airfield will be closed from 12:00 - 13:30.  

This will be another fun day at the airport.  Come out with your friends and family and enjoy the event.



Access Pass

Traffic Flow Map



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