Reid-Hillview History

1933                   Bob and Cecil Reid construct their first airport, Garden City Airport” between San Antonio and Story Road

1935                   Grand Opening of Garden City Airport

1937                   Garden City Airport was purchased by the State for Highway 101 right of way.

1939                   Bob and Cecil Reid begin construction of their new airport, Reid’s Hillview Airport, at its current location

1941                  Due to WW2, all airports within 150 miles of the Pacific were ordered to close and relocate all planes at least 150 miles inland.  The Reid’s refused and after a meeting with authorities were allowed to keep the planes on site as long as the propellers were removed.  It was also agreed that Reid’s Hillview airport would be allowed to open 24 hours after the war ended and remain open around the clock.

1945                  At the end of the war, it was decided that only commercial and military airports would be allowed to reopen.  The Reid’s met with the Major General in San Francisco at which point Reid’s Hillview was allowed to reopen becoming the first general aviation airport to open after the war.

1946                  The runway was paved

1948                 The County of Santa Clara Planning Commission published a report entitled Master Plan of Airports -Santa Clara County, California recommending the development of a County Airports System and included Reid’s Hillview Airport as an important part of the Airport System. 

1948                 San Jose Junior Chamber of Commerce issued a permit by the Board of Supervisors to hold an Air Circus at Reid-Hillview Airport on July 18, 1948.

1949                 Hangars for 45 aircraft constructed

1949                 300 aircraft tied down

1959                 Resolution 16115 by City of San Jose Resolution provided for future growth of the Airport as an integral part of the east side community and encouraged County to purchase and operate the Airport, allowing San Jose Municipal to be developed for commercial passenger service.

1960                  H.K. Freidman Report titled Airport Study General Aviation Requirements is published recommending that the County continue its interest in airport planning and takes steps to preserve and expand or replace Reid’s Hillview Airport.

1961                  Santa Clara County purchased Reid’s Hillview Airport from Bob and Cecil Reid for $600,000.  65 acres of the airport is leased back to the Reid’s to continue operating it.

1961                  The airport name is changed from Reid’s Hillview Airport to Reid-Hillview Airport.

1962                  The County receives a $363,285 grant from the Federal Government for land acquisition.  Project 9-04-128-D201

1963                 The County purchase additional land. ($260,000)

1963                 The County receives a $384,878.00 grant from the Federal Government for land acquisition and to relocate Cunningham Avenue.  Project 9-04-128-D4C2

1964                 The County receives a $346,570 grant from the Federal Government for land acquisition, hangar construction, and general development of the airport site.  Project 9-04-128-D503

1964                  Runway and apron paved, runway lighted.

1964                  The County purchased additional land.  ($770,000)

1965                  The leaseback to Bob and Cecil Reid expires and the County takes over management of the Airports.

1965                  Reconstruct 2,700 foot runway, runway lights, and parallel taxiway

1965                  First group of aircraft hangars and shelters constructed

1965                  2.39 acre FBO plot leased to Agco for 50 years

1965                  3.55 acre FBO plot leased to John & Barbara Pyle for 50 years

1966                  1.72 acre FBO plot leased to Gee Bee for 50 years

1966                  Construction of parking ramp, roadways and commercial operators’ sites completed.

1966                  Second unit of hangars and shelters constructed.

1966                  The County received a $70,703 grant from the Federal Government for apron construction and drainage system.  Project 9-04-128-D604

1966                   The County purchased additional property ($40,000)

1966                    General Aviation Plan report is published by the County to update the 1960 Friedland Report

1967                   Air Traffic Control Tower constructed by FAA. It was the first fully transistorized air traffic control tower in the U.S.

1967                  The County received a $37,215.00 grant from the Federal Government for paving and electrical work.  Project 9-04-128-D805

1967                   2.24 acre FBO plot leased to Amelie Reid for 50 years

1968                   2.24 acre FBO plot leased to Hacienda Aviation for 50 years

1968                  Airport received FAA Certificate of Achievement for airport development

1968                  Air Traffic Control Tower dedicated

1968                  The County received a $12,100.00 grant from the FAA to install new taxiway lighting system.  Project 9-04-12-D906

1968                  Taxiway lighting and ramp lights upgraded

1968                  Aircraft hangars and shelter constructed

1969                  There are five major FBO’s operating, approximately 400 based aircraft, annual operations approaching 300,000.

1969                  The County received a $30,145.00 grant from the Federal Government to install apron lighting and paving.  Project 9-04-128-C907

1969                  Aircraft parking ramp construction completed.

1970                 2.16 acre FBO plot leased to AeroTrends for 50 years

1970                 1.03 acre FBO plot leased to Skyline Properties for 50 years

1970                 West parallel runway complete.

1970                 Terminal construction began.

1970                  City of San Jose Resolution 38741 reaffirmed 1959 resolution 16115 statement of intent to support Reid-Hillview Airport in its existing location

1971                  The County receives a 22,145.00 grant from the Federal Government for land acquisition.  Project 3-06-0225-01

1971                 Report release titled Development and Activity Report Reid's Hillview Airport and Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County

1972                The FAA issued an errant Notice of No Hazard for the Golden West Savings and Loan building between RHV and Eastridge mall.   

1973                  2.27 acre FBO plot leased to Gee Bee Aero for 50 years

1974                 Updated runway lighting system installed

1974                 John and Barbara Pyle FBO plot split into two sections.  1.06 acres was retained by the Pyle’s.  2.49 acres was assigned to Progressive Aviation.

1984                  County received a $900,000 grant from the Federal Government for paving, road relocation, drainage, lighting, fencing and markings.  Project 3-06-0225-02

1980                  Amelia Reid and Velma Million successfully urged the city of San Jose to construct Lake Cunningham Park as a buffer area near the airport.

1982                  Agco lease assigned to Skyline Maintenance

1987                  Skyline Maintenance lease assigned to Skyline Aviation

1988                  The County receives a $539,863.00 grant from the Federal Government for repaving the runways, taxiways and parking apron.  Project 3-06-0225-03

1988                 Skyline FBO assigned to H.T. as Nice Air.

1989                  After the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Reid-Hillview is used as a major starting point to provide supplies to Watsonville after all roads were cut off.  Over 100 tons of supplies were airlifted to Watsonville as a result of this effort.

1990                 City of San Jose Resolution 62136 repealed previous resolutions 16115 of 1959 and 38741 of 1970

1990                The Airports Department for the City of San Jose released a report titled Reid-Hillview Analysis on June 13, 1990.

1991                  Hacienda Aviation Center lease assigned to Murfin Family Trust

1993                 SRI International Report on Risk Assessment Of The Reid-Hillview Airport Closure Evaluation Project is released in November.

1993                Aries Consultants LTD submitted the report Alternative Working Papers for the Reid-Hillview Airport Closure Evaluation Project.

1994                 Skyline Aviation lease assigned to Gregory Marconet.

1994                 Murfin Family Trust assigned to Marconet Properties

1996                 DRAFT Environmental Impact Report on the Reid-Hillview Airport Closure Project is released in March.

1996                City of San Jose Resolution 66446 rescinds Resolution 62136 of 5/8/90 and supports the continued operation of Reid-Hillview

1996                 Board of Supervisors votes 3-2 to keep the airport open.

1998                 The County receives a $1,665,000.00 grant from the Federal Government for repaving the runways, taxiways, and ramp, installing lighted airfield signage, construct drainage improvements, and repair the airport perimeter road.  Project 3-06-0225-04

1998                 The County receives a $151,200.00 grant from the Federal Government to complete a Part 150 Noise Compatibility Planning Study.  Project 3-06-0225-05

1999                 Gregory Marconet lease assigned to JWA Enterprises LLC (Trade Winds Aviation)

2000                  The County receives a $280,000.00 grant from the Federal Government to complete a Master Plan study.  Project 3-06-0225-06

2000                  John and Barbara Pyle lease assigned to Frank and Doreen Jurado.

2000                  Progressive Aviation lease assigned to Hiroyasu Takai.

2001              The County receives a $180,000 grant from the Federal Government to complete parking apron drainage improvements.  Project 3-06-0225-07.

2002                  The  FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program report is completed.

2002                  The County receives a $774,000.00 grant from the Federal Government for parking ramp drainage improvements, parking apron rehabilitation, perimeter road rehabilitation, installation of perimeter fencing around the FBO and terminal area, installation of Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL), Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) and rehabilitation of the segmented circle and beacon tower electrical system.  Project 3-06-0225-08

2003                  The County receives a $554,500 grant from the Federal Government for additional fencing and gates.  Project 3-06-0225-09.

2005                  The County receives a $435,000 grant from the Federal Government for parking apron rehabilitation and signage and markings.  Project 3-06-0225-10.

2006                  The Airport Master Plan is completed.

2006                  The County receives a $1,200,000 grant from the Federal Government to install a noise monitoring system.  Project 3-06-0225-11

2007                  The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) for Reid-Hillview is adopted by the County.

2007                  The County receives a $551,300.00 grant from the Federal Government to install additional perimeter fencing and gates.  Project 3-06-0225-12

2007                  The County receives a $475,000.00 grant from the Federal Government to insulate homes in the 65-69 DNL zone around the airport.  Only __ homes elected to participate in the project which included insulation in the home, new windows and doors and new HVAC system.  Project 3-06-0225-13

2008                  Amelia Reid Aviation FBO is transferred to Z. P. and renamed Aerodynamic Aviation.

2010                   SJSU moves part of its Aviation program to Reid-Hillview Airport.

2011                  The County receives a $50,350.00 grant from the Federal Government to create plans and specifications for runway and taxiway pavement rehabilitation and marking.  Project 3-06-0225-14.

2011                  FAA files Part 16 complaint against Santa Clara County due to skydiving at San Martin Airport.  The FAA will not issue any grants to Reid-Hillview, Palo Alto or San Martin Airports until the Part 16 complaint is resolved.

2016                  The FAA removes the Part 16 restrictions after the County agrees to allow skydiving at San Martin airport.

2016                   The CLUP is amended.

2016                  All FBO leases were amended to synchronize their expiration date to 12/31/2021 and add annual CPI rate increase.

2017                  The Roads and Airports Department takes a $3,000,000 loan from the General Fund to pave and remark all runways and taxiways at Reid-Hillview and San Martin Airport.

2017                  The Board of Supervisors directs county staff to complete an updated Business Plan to fund operations at Reid-Hillview and San Martin Airports

2018                  Paving and markings of both runways and taxiways at Reid-Hillview is completed

2018                  Staff presents the Business Plan to the Board of Supervisors.  The plan is not accepted.  Instead staff was directed to complete several tasks related to the potential closure of Reid-Hillview Airport.

2019                  Paving under the shelters and the area between the hangars and taxiway Z is completed.  

2021                 The FAA issues a formal Part 13 Investigation Letter regarding airfield conditions and fuel avalibility.

2022                  Santa Clara County takes over ownership of the fuel tanks at RHV and only offers UL94, an unleaded aviation fuel.

2022                  The County issues new 1-year leases to four of the original long-term lease holders at RHV and takes over management of the five remaining leaseholds. 


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