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  1. Board of Supervisors Meeting of November 17, 2020
  2. New FBO at San Martin Airport
  3. Airport Maintenance Requests
  4. Schedule of Fees and Charges Update
  5. Airport Ramp Lighting
  6. Covid Related Terminal Closure
  7. Controllers Corner

1. November 17th, 2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting

The November 17th, 2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting was very busy for the County Airports.  The Board heard four airport-specific items.  We will cover 3 and 4 below, but all of the information from the Board meeting can be found by clicking on the link.

  1. The study on potential re-use of RHV should the county successfully close it.
  2. Report on the region's capacity for disaster and emergency response if RHV is redeveloped.
  3. New FBO for San Martin Airport
  4. Update to the Schedule of Fees and Charges​

2. New FBO At San Martin Airport

The 25-year lease for Magnum Aviation expires on December 11, 2020.  With the understanding that a new FBO lease would need to be executed, the County issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new FBO lease this past spring.  San Martin Aviation, the current aircraft maintenance service provider at Magnum Aviation, provided the successful bid so beginning on December 12, 2020, San Martin Aviation will take over the operation of the FBO.  

The new FBO footprint, the green area in the following image, is substantially different from the past lease as it only includes the commercial hangar building, space for fuel, and several aircraft packing tie-downs.

San Martin Airport Aerial View

One of the major changes to the new FBO leasehold is the change in footprint so that it no longer includes the Classic Hangars.  Beginning December 12, 2020, the County will take over ownership and management of these facilities, as shown in the image below, and begin renting them.  

San Martin Classic Hangars

All current Classic Hangar occupants will be contacted this week to determine interest in the continued use of the hangar after December 11, 2020.  For those that wish to continue, a License Agreement will be If you are in a classic hangar and wish to continue using the hangar beyond December 11, 2020, you need to contact Femi, Ken or Eric to complete a License Agreement.  Before starting the process, it is recommended that you read through the Airport Rules and Regulations and the License Agreement thoroughly. Several key points to keep in mind include :  

  • Hangar tenants must have an airplane registered in the same name as that on the license agreement.
  • All based aircraft must provide proof of insurance.  Please review this document to ensure your insurance includes all of the necessary coverage.  It is recommended that you provide this page to your insurance carrier to make sure the additionally insured language is correct.  Insurance companies frequently provide this sort of coverage, but they need to know exactly how the additional insured statement should be worded.
  • The footprint for the primary aircraft must have unhindered access to the hangar door and that space may not be used for anything else. 
  • Hangar tenant may sublet space for additional aircraft storage in an occupied hangar provided: 
    • The tenant applies for and receives written authorization from Airport Administration Staff​ using the Subtenant Request form prior to moving a new aircraft into the hangar; and 
    • The subtenant insurance and registration is included with the Subtenant Request; and
    • The hangar is large enough for the primary tenant aircraft and the subtenant aircraft.  

Hangar Identification and Rent

The following table provides the information necessary to determine the rent on each hangar beginning December 12, 2020.   The Board of Supervisors approved a year-one rent for all Classic hangars of $0.40 per square foot per month through December 31, 2021.  On January 1, 2022, the rate for classic hangars will increase to $0.50 per square foot per month.  Beginning July 1, 2023, the rates will be adjusted annually by the CPI. 

However, if you are in a Phase 1 hangar, own a plane, and wish to continue using the hangar, your rate will be discounted by 50% from the fees listed below until December 31, 2021.

Hangar ID
Hangar ID
Monthly Rent   Hangar ID
Hangar ID
Monthly Rent
A1 U9 I3 $1,056.00   A2 U6 F16 $281.50
A3 U7 I4 $936.00   A4 U4 F16 $281.50
A5 U5 I4 $936.00   A6 U2 I6 $446.00
A7 U3 I5 $733.00   A9 U1 I5 $733.00
B1 V5 F17 $413.50   B2 V10 F18 $525.00
B3 V3 F16 $281.50   B4 V8 F19 $446.50
B5 V1 F16 $281.50   B6 V6 F19 $446.50
B8 V4 F19 $446.50   B10 V2 F19 $446.50
C1 W11 F18 $525.00   C2 W10 I7 $672.00
C3 W9 F19 $446.50   C4 W8 I7 $672.00
C5 W7 F19 $446.50   C6 W6 I7 $672.00
C7 W5 F19 $446.50   C8 W4 I7 $672.00
C9 W3 F19 $446.50   C10 W2 I7 $672.00
C11 W1 F20 $729.50          
Hangar ID
Hangar ID
Monthly Rent   Hangar ID
Hangar ID
Monthly Rent
D1 C1 I8 $936.00   D2 C3 I9 $788.00
D3 C5 I9 $788.00   D4 C7 I9 $788.00
D5 D8 I9 $788.00   D6 D6 I9 $788.00
D7 D4 I9 $788.00   D8 D2 I8 $936.00
E1 E1 F21 $232.00   E2 E3 F22 $464.50
E3 E5 F22 $464.50   E4 E7 F22 $464.50
E5 E9 F22 $464.50   E6 E11 F21 $232.00
E7 F10 F22 $464.50   E8 F8 F22 $464.50
E9 F6 F22 $464.50   E10 F4 F22 $464.50
E11 F2 F22 $464.50   F1 E13 I8 $936.00
F2 E15 I9 $788.00   F3 E17 I9 $788.00
F4 E19 I9 $788.00   F5 F18 I9 $788.00
F6 F16 I9 $788.00   F7 F14 I9 $788.00
F8 F12 I8 $936.00   G E6 I12 $800.00
H E4 I13 $1,200   I E2 I14 $563.00


The Hangar ID (new)  column is the new hangar ID assigned by the County and represents how each hangar parking space will be referenced in all future communications.  The new parking IDs follow the naming convention used elsewhere on the airport.  

We intend to replace all of the hangar locks over the next year to ensure that hangar access conforms to the airport master key system.  The lock replacement program will take some time to execute so as part of the sign-up process existing hangar occupants will need to provide a copy of all keys and/or combinations necessary to access the hangar.

Previous FBO T-Down Parking

The new FBO leasehold no longer includes tiedowns along taxiway X (blue area in the image below). 

San Martin Airport Aerial View - Taxiline

These tiedowns are being removed to accommodate current FAA taxiway design criteria.  If you have an airplane parked in one of these spaces, you need to make arrangements with San Martin Aviation to move your airplane to their ramp, or contact airport staff to complete a License Agreement and move to a parking space on the south parking ramp.​

3. Airport Maintenance Requests

If you have a maintenance request for either airport, please enter the request in our online management system here.  Please ensure that if you send an email with a request or provide verbal instructions to airport staff in the field you also entering your request here.  This is the best way to ensure that our Operations Supervisor is aware of your request and that your request can be scheduled.  

4. Schedule of Fees and Charges Update

The Schedule of Fees and Charges approved by the Board of Supervisors on November 17, 2020, includes a reduction in rent for the current county-owned and managed tie-downs and hangars at San Martin Airport.  The hangar rental rates were reduced from between $0.716 and $0.839 to a flat $0.60 per square foot per month while tie-down rates were cut in half.  The new rates take effect on December 12, 2020.  You can find a copy of the new Schedule of Fees and Charges here.

For existing San Martin tenants, please note that the new rates were approved after the December bills had been generated, so they do not reference the change.  Please pay the full amount as billed for December and a credit will be applied to your January bill to account for the mid-month rate change.  

5. Ramp Lights

We have experienced some major issues with the ramp and outdoor hangar lighting at Reid-Hillview and San Martin.  Over the near future, we will be replacing all outdoor hangar lights with new LED fixtures, first at RHV and then at E16.  The challenge with the ramp lighting at RHV has required the replacement of some switchgear, which has taken time to procure.  As these problems are repaired we will also be replacing the existing ramp lights with LED fixtures.

6. Terminal Closure

With the increase in Covid-19 cases across the country, the State of California and Santa Clara County have instituted additional business requirements.  Some of these requirements are not possible with a small diverse workforce that doesn't spend much time in the terminal building.  For that reason, we will be closing the RHV terminal to public entry beginning December 2, 2020.  If you need airport staff assistance for anything, please give us a call using the numbers listed below to make an appointment.  The following extensions will allow you to bypass the telephone auto-attendant.

Main Airports Telephone: 408-918-7700

RHV Operations Office: x77901

E16 Operations Office: x77903

Airport Administration Office: x27717

Femi Odunbaku, Airport Operations Supervisor: x27707

Ken Betts, Assistant Director County Airports: x27706

Eric Peterson, Director County Airports: x27722

7. FAA Corner

If you would like to delay your takeoff by more than a few seconds once you have been given a takeoff clearance by the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), please let ATC know.  There have been a couple of instances recently where pilots took one to two minutes to take off once clearance was issued.  While you are not required to notify ATC of a takeoff delay, doing so will help ensure that the runway is not inadvertently cleared for others to use.  

​​ ​ ​​​​I hope you have found this information helpful.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Ken of Femi at the numbers listed above or by email.

Happy Holidays,


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