E16 Rate Changes

At the November 17th, 2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting, the Board approved new fees for the Classic hangars at San Martin Airport, and reduced fees for county tiedowns and south ramp hangars.  For the full Schedule of Fees and Charges click here.

Tiedown rates were reduced by half.  

Tail in tiedown rates for an airplane up to 3,500 lbs reduced from $117.00 to $58.50.

Taxi in tiedown rate for an airplane up to 3,500 lbs reduced from $147.50 to $73.75

South Ramp Hangar rates were reduced from a range of $0.716 to $0.839 per square foot per month to a flat rate of $0.60 per square foot per month.  

Small T-Hangar on H & I rows with rate code F5 reduced from $655.00  to $549.00

Med T-Hanager on G & Hrows with rate code F8 reduced from $797.00 to $668.00

Large T-Hangar on I & J rows with rate code F13 reduced from $994.50 to $833.50

Small Box Hangars on row G with rate code I1 reduced from $1,578.50 to $1,217.50

Large Box Hangars on row G with rate code I2 reduced from $2,494.50 to $1,784.00

Are you curious about the rate code for your hangar?  Click this link​, then click on your hangar to see the details.

San Martin Hangar Layout

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