E16 Runway Lighting Issue and RHV ATC


We are experiencing some intermittent troubles with the runway lights at San Martin that causes them to occasionally not turn on when requested.  In addition, both PAPI’s at San Martin are also not operational.  We have a call in to our contractor to troubleshoot the problems but they are unable to arrive until Monday.  Please keep this in mind if you are planning on flying into or out of San Martin airport over this weekend.    We will update you once the electrician has diagnosed the problem.

On a separate note, Scott Rohlfing, a RHV based FAA Designated Examiner and CFI has asked that I relay the following information to you regarding the Reid-Hillview Airport air traffic controllers.

Eric Peterson
Director County Airports


Fellow RHV Tenants and Pilots,

I’m asking you to visit and contribute to a GoFundMe page to help support our Air Traffic Controllers. https://www.gofundme.com/reid-hillview-tower-controllers-furloughed

Due to the government shutdown, the essential government employees that keep our skies safe have been furloughed. Only “essential" employees have been called in to work normal shifts with the promise to be paid once the government re-opens. Reid Hillview Airport Tower personnel have not received a paycheck since December of last year, yet most of them have reported to work every day to help keep RHV and the bay area skies safe.

Reid Hillview is a training airport not only for pilots, but for controllers as well. Even though essential employees will receive back pay when the government re-opens, those controllers-in-training are not deemed essential and therefore will NOT receive back pay during this shutdown. In fact, they are not even being called into work. As a result they are on a back slide as they try to ramp up training in their profession!

There are currently 14 controllers responsible for safe operations at RHV. Sadly, some of those in training are currently visiting food banks, and those “essential to operations” are living with family and friends and carpooling as they exhaust their personal savings.

These men and women are proud and have been hesitant to reach out or accept contributions. Yet, as a pilot community, we have an obligation to support them. Your donations will be put into the form of gift cards for gas and groceries, anonymously from the pilots and friends of the Air Traffic Controllers of Reid Hillview Airport. Please make a contribution, regardless of how large or small, to support those who support us.

Thank you. And may our controllers and your God, keep us all safe.

Blue Skies,

Scott Rohlfing
FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
Gold Seal Flight Instructor
Contract Pilot SEL/MEL
[email protected]
(408) 234-8423​


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