San Martin (E16) Aircraft Parking

The County of Santa Clara owns and operates 100 hangars and 90 tie-downs at the San Martin Airport. In December 2020, the County will begin managing an additional 57 hangars on the old FBO leasehold. See the maps below for hangar location, size, and rate codes. To determine the monthly rent on a hangar, take the rate code for the hangar, and locate it on the Schedule of Fees and Charges, also linked below.

South Ramp - Original County Hangar Configuration
North Ramp - Classic Hangar Configuration (new hangar ID)

The following map is provided for historical purposes. The hangar ID's displayed here will not be used beyond December 12, 2020.
North Ramp - Classic Hangar Configuration (original hangar ID)​

For monthly costs, take the Rate Code from the hangar configuration link above, and find it on the current Schedule of Fees and Charges

We usually have available tie-downs and hangars for rent. However, there may occasionally be a Waiting List for the type and size of the hangar that you desire.

​​For tenant-related documents, click here.


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