Operation Statistics for Reid-Hillview and San Martin Airport

Busy Airport

There are 520 airports in the United States with Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT).  Personnel in the ATCT track each flight into and out of an airport with each take-off or landing counting as one operation. 

For the calendar year 2019, RHV was the 58th busiest airport in the country based on the number of operations.  SJC followed at 59.

For the period Oct. 2019 - Sep. 2020, RHV was the 68th busiest airport in the United States.  SJC dropped to 78. 

Airport Operations 1968-2019

1968-2019 System


The chart below shows airport operations at Reid-Hillview beginning in 1978 when the airport had a total operations count of 398,640 takeoffs and landings.

1978-2019 ops


RHV Stacked Operations, 2015-2019

2015-2019 RHV


Covid-19 Effect on RHV Airport Operations.

The following charts show how the community closures have affected operations.

January 2019 through August 2020

RHV 2 year 2020-08


January 2016 through August 2020

RHV 5 year 2020-08


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