Transient Services

RHV Parking Location: 

Vehicle parking is available at the terminal building.  Short-term parking is available free of charge.

Overnight parking requires a permit and a nightly fee. See our schedule of fees and charges for current rates.  If parking is in short supply, ask an airport staff member to direct you to an alternate location. 

Automobile Parking Permit Form ​

Automobile Parking ​Fees ​(see fee schedule​)



Air Traffic Control

Control Tower: FAA
Telephone: 408-272-701
Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.​


Parallel Runways: 31R-13L and 31L-13R
3,099' X 75'
ASPHALT, Un-lighted
31R and 13L VASI

Elevation 133'MSL

Airspace: Class D-Service 0700-2100 -- other times Class G

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