Airports Business Plan Meeting Change of Date and a Message from CAAPSO


We recently held two public meetings, one near RHV and one near E16, to discuss the process the County will follow to update the business plans for both airports.  Our final public kickoff meeting has been changed to March 1 from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at Donald Meyer Elementary School, 1824 Daytona Drive, San Jose, CA  95122.  For this meeting we have invited the community around Reid-Hillview to come and share their ideas and concerns.  As airport users, you too are invited and encouraged to attend.

Our website has the updated meeting schedule and is where we have posted the slides from the presentation, and we will be posting the notes from these meetings along with much of the data we will collect through this process.

If you have been unable to attend, feel free to connect with me or Ken to learn more about the process and share your thoughts.

Below is an important message from CAAPSO, so please continue reading.

Eric Peterson
Director, County Airports
408-918-7700  x27722


Dear CAAPSO Members and Friends of the airport.

We are inviting you to our next CAAPSO member meeting on Monday 2/12, 7pm at the RHV Terminal building.

Many of you attended the public meeting January 23 and heard from the county staff about their intentions to update the business plan for the airports and present the results to the board of supervisors in May.

The board is expected to make a decision on how to operate the airport based on the staff’s recommendation.

For us to influence the decision of the Board of Supervisors in May we have to actively seek the attention of the decision makers and inform them about facts regarding the airports and ask for their support to continue operating the airports in a pro-active way.

This meeting is intended to give you additional information about the airports, so you can represent the aviation community with knowledge:

1) The facts of what FAA grant assurances actually require what level of control the county actually can have while accepting grants.

2) The monies available to the Airports Enterprise Fund today that do not require grants.

3) The FAA perspective on the importance of RHV as a reliever airport and part of the National Airports Infrastructure. 

4) The FAA position regarding allowing the undeveloped portions of RHV and E16 property for non-aviation uses.

5) RHV operations and operations trends over the last 10 years

6) FAA reported pilot/training starts trends

7) The summarized results of the business surveys (Thank you! to all who participated by the way). 

8) AOPA's feedback on airport county liabilities and the "in perpetuity" clause of the grants accepted by the county since 2000. 

We will allow time for Q&A and welcome suggestions on how to engage with our neighbors.

See you all soon, you are welcome to bring your friends.

Walter Gyger

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