Law Enforcement Airport Access

Law Enforcement Officers may apply to have their work ID programmed to provide access to the Reid-Hillview Airport terminal and/or after hours gate access to the airfield. 

To apply, complete the application via the county's DocuSign system.  ​​ Doing so will automatically route the application to the appropriate person at the airport.  You must include a clear color copy of the front and back of your employee ID and include the expiration of your driver's license.  Access applications are usually programmed within 72 hours.  

Expiration dates on the access cards are set to the expiration date of your driver's license. If you still need access at that time, come by the Operations office with your new license and the expiration date can be updated.

Unless specifically requested, access is limited to the front and back doors to the Reid-Hillview terminal building.  

Gate access can be programmed if desired and necessary.  Gate access is limited to the automatic vehicle gates between the hours of 1800-0800. 

​Driving on an airport is very different from driving on a road. We maintain some level of control over the vehicle gates while we are fully staffed to help ensure the safety of everybody, and limit the ​opportunities for vehicle interference on the runways and taxiways. 

Familiarize yourself with our Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviation information​. All of these rules apply to law enforcement as well as civilians and failure to comply with them can create a paper work chain that leads all the way to Washington DC.

A basic synopsis of the rules includes:

  • ​You should never drive on the runways or taxiways while the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) is operational without first getting positive confirmation from Air Traffic Control (ATC) that it is safe to do so. If you do not have an aviation radio, call the RHV ATCT at 408-272-7014.
  • Runways and taxiways under FAA control are commonly referred to as Movement Areas and are shaded green on this map​.
  • Look for solid yellow line with one dashed yellow line​s​ on the pavement to denote the beginning of the movement area. This line denote the areas where you are not authorized to go without first obtaining ATC authorization. Do not cross these on foot or in a vehicle without first obtaining authorization from the FAA.
  • Aircraft always have the right-of-way. 
  • Many aircraft can not see you in front of them. Never assume that they can.


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