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VTA Light Rail Project

VTA Property Release Request dated 2/28/20​ (pdf)

RHV Exhibit A Updated 5/14/20​ (pdf)

For the Reid-Hillview Lighting and Signage Project

CAD file for RHV (dwg)

3-06-0225-01 AsBuilt (pdf).  There is a page or two here that shows some electrical information.

3-06-0225-04 Record Drawing​ (pdf).  This also has a page or two with some electrical information.

2017 RHV & E16 megger report​ (pdf)

The following are a few other CAD files that might be useful.

RHV - Airport Security Plan (dwg)

RHV (dwg)

RHV-Electrical (dwg)

RHVplx99-topo1 (dwg)

RHV-revised 2-25-03 -updated perimeter fence (dwg)

Airport Inspection Results 

Airport Inspection Results 2019 08-27 FAA (pdf)

Airport Inspection Results 2019 03-29​ (pdf)

Airport Inspection Results 2018 06-20 (pdf)

Airport Inspection Results 2017 06-08 (pdf)

Correspondence with FAA

10/18/2019 Letter to BOS

11/08/2019 Response to FAA

09/19/2019 Letter to FAA - Property Release Request​

02/28/2020 Letter to BOS

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