Santa Clara County Airports FBO Leases

Draft RFP 4/24/20 (pdf​) 40mb​​

To Do

To-Scale Drawing (Ken)
Schedule (Eric)
Definition of Facilities
Website (Eric)
Advertising (Eric)

​ Complete RFP (Freddi)


  • Must be reviewed by
    • County Council (Chris)
    • Department Contracts Expert (AnnaMarie)
    • Procurement (Ben)
  • 05/05/20 - The RFP has been added to the Master Acquisition List for presentation to the Board of Supervisors at their May 5, 2020 meeting.
  • 05/11/20 - Posted on BidSync​

San Martin Airport Lease Document

Fuel Permit

RFP Process Documents


Hangar Agreements

RHV FBO Lease Documents

Fuel Permits

Documents from the ICP

Questions and Answers - Initial

Questions and Answers - Final 01/24/2020

I have received the following questions since issuing the ICP.

  1.  Section V A -Scope of Work- How many meetings will the consultant be required to participate in for the project or for each task?
  2. Section VI-Item 8- Please confirm you only want the total estimated cost for completion of the project and not an estimate for each task.
  3. Section VIII A- What and where is the Proposal Cost Response Form? Is it to be submitted as part of the proposal or in a separate email or mailed envelope?


  1. Most tasks can be handled remotely using telephone, email and video conferencing if necessary.   Task 3 and task 4 could involve a face-to-face meeting.
  2. The total cost is all that is necessary.
  3. The Proposal Cost Response Form is attached.  It should be submitted as part of the proposal.

Informal Competitive Process (ICP)


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