Fuel at RHV and E16

In an effort to reduce the level of airborne lead pollution around RHV and E16, effective January 1, 2022, 100LL is no longer offered for sale at either airport.  In its place, Swift Fuels 94 octane UL94 has been provided.  Jet fuel remains available at both airports.

To utilize UL94, the aircraft operator must receive a Swift Fuels STC, which is available through the Swift Fuels website.  To learn more about the fuel and to obtain the STC, visit https://www.swiftfuelsavgas.com.

If you find yourself at RHV or E16 and in need of 100LL, please review the following procol to obtain authorization to bring a limited quantity of 100LL onto the airport.


Protocol for the emergency use of Leaded Fuel at Santa Clara County Airports

Upon request, the Santa Clara County Airports Director will review and approve one-time permission, on a case by case basis,  for an aircraft operator to obtain and fuel their aircraft with leaded fuel on the premises of RHV or  E16. Such permission will be granted for aircraft that do not have sufficient fuel onboard to safely leave the County airports and will be limited to a quantity of fuel necessary to safely reposition the aircraft to a nearby airport where the necessary fuel is available.   Requests are to be made via email addressed to  - [email protected]

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