Airport Safety

Runway & Taxiway Safety

Over the past several years there have been a number of vehicle and pedestrian deviations at the Santa Clara County Airports. When questioned as to why, the deviant almost always indicated that they simply didn’t know they were in the wrong place.   In a couple of the more serious cases, the subject enjoyed the company of the local police while being escorted to jail.

There have also been several instances where pilots have left passengers at the instructor benches without providing instructions on where they can and cannot go. These spectators, with camera in hand, wander onto the active taxiway or across the run-up area in an effort to get closer to the runway. To prevent reoccurrence, the instructor benches have temporarily been removed and we ask that all guests be left at the terminal.

The following information is provided In an ongoing effort to better educate the users of our airports in best practices to avoid future deviations.

In addition to the information provided below, also visit FAA's website ​for more references.​​​​


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