Construction and Business Plan Update


Construction Update:
San Martin Airport was reopened on Thursday after completion of the pavement repairs and initial surface markings.  As is standard procedure for runway markings, the contractor will need to return in approximately thirty days to complete a second coat of paint.  But otherwise the paving project at San Martin has been successfully completed.  

Runway 31L/13R at Reid-Hillview was reopened over the weekend when the initial surface markings were completed.  This evening (Sunday) 31R/13L will be closed for approximately two weeks while the paving project continues.  With this closure, there will be no nighttime operations at RHV until approximately May 25th , the expected pavement project completion date, as our lighted runway will be out of service. 

During the construction process, we have encountered some problems with taxiway C between the two runways that may take longer than two weeks to repair.  There is a lot of moisture very near the surface that as caused the pavement to fail, and requires special attention to repair.  This has resulted in that taxiways continued closure.  We are working with the contractor and our engineering team to develop a suitable repair.

Before arriving at the airport to fly, please make sure to check all available NOTAM’s and our website, for additional information on the construction process.  

Business Plan Update
On Friday the Airports Business Plan Update was posted to the HLUET agenda.  You may now download a copy of the report from the HLUET agenda webpage ( or go directly to the agenda packet here  ( where it starts on page 125.  The airport commission will be discussing the update at their upcoming special meeting this Tuesday, 6:00 in the County Government Center at 70 West Hedding, San Jose, CA.  See the Airports Commission Agenda page for more details (

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to call or email.

Eric Peterson
Director County Airports
408-918-7700 x27722
[email protected]

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