Paving Work and Taxiway and Runway Closures at RHV


The paving project at both airports was substantially completed before Memorial Day.  However there are a couple of areas at RHV that will require additional work.  Taxiway C between the right and left runways has problems with the underlying surface and will require substantial work to stabilize the soil prior to installing new pavement.  In addition, a section of taxiway Z between A (31 runup) and taxilane U also will undergo additional work.  While this work is ongoing, expect minor disruptions to aircraft movement around the airport, including intermittent single runway closures and taxiway Z closure between A and U.  Please make sure to check all NOTAM’s prior to flying to ensure you are familiar with any surface closures.

The contractor will be onsite tomorrow (Thursday 6/21) to start the repairs and expects to be finished on Monday July 1st.  Work is currently planned during regular work hours Monday through Friday and is expected to be completed on Monday July 2nd.  

In addition to this work, the contractor will be out in the next 3-4 weeks to put a second coat of paint on all of the pavement markings at both RHV and E16.   We will provide more details on this work when we have a schedule from the contractor.

Feel free to contact me, Femi or Ken if you have any questions.

Eric Peterson
Director County Airports
408-918-7700 x27722​

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